Wood Dragon.Wood Buddha-statue antique and traditional Japanese products


We are a company that specializes in building and repairing Japanese shrines and temples. If you have a photo of what you want to make, we will make something similar to it.

Production work (delivered product)This is a scene of the production of a noren with a dragon motif. The receiving plate is made of cypress and is a noren curtain with a dragon carved on it. 

Production: 1 month (noren) Price : 5000 dollars

Production: 8 month (Ukeita) Price:25,000 dollars

Production: 18 month (Dragon) Price:81,300 dollars

Production: 22 month (Budda) Price:54,000 dollars

Contact us today. Currently responding to production requests from all over the world!

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The following is in Japanese, but if you are interested, please read it.


We are conducting support activities for children’s homes.

At our company, we set aside funds to support orphanages from the construction costs requested by our customers, and donate food to children in orphanages around the world, including Japan, about two to three times a year. >>>Click here for social service activities for orphanages