Japan shrine art ”HOKORA” sales for overseas.

Japan shrine art ”HOKORA” sales for overseas.

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1.What’s HOKORA

Hokora is a small shrine of God. It is a Japanese art work that is display in the garden of house and the god’s “OFUDA” received from the shrine.

2. We deliver to all over the world

We will deliver HOKORA produced at the request of overseas museums and private buyer to the whole world.

3. Only made to order.

We will submit the quotation after consulting with the client. Those who are satisfied with the design, cost, and delivery date will be contracted with us. After that,We will send you image photo with cm size of vertical, horizontal and depth. Anyway, If you are interested in our products and would like to hear from us, feel free to contact us by call or email.

Thank you for read our web site page. By Japan HOKORA team ” Lifepal”.

The consultation call is free. Weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm Japan time


Email : contact@lifepal.biz

The following link has the service page of the shrine.”Japanese page